Custom Homes

Why Choosing a Good Contractor is So Important

Building a custom home is a big task. And you want to make sure you hire a team you can trust. Choosing a good contractor is one of the most important decisions when it comes to building your custom home in Montrose, CO.

Insurance is important for a contractor

In construction, insurance is very important, and usually required by law. We are fully insured and licensed in Colorado. Insurance is important because it protects both us and you. Licensed contractors also have to follow strict industry standards and regulations. Insurance will cover expenses in the case of an accident. We always strive to keep a clean and safe work site so as to avoid the possibility of any type of accident.

modern black and white kitchen in a custom home

Specialization and areas of expertise

While other contractors may do a little bit of everything, we are committed to and specialize in custom homes in the Montrose area. We are committed to guiding you through the process of building your custom home. We’ll listen to you every step of the way and make your home suit your needs. You can be sure that it’ll come out just the way you wanted.

“Lack of vision”

Many times it is hard for clients and potential buyers to see the potential of a lot that may seem unappealing. Some lots that seem to have issues, such as being too sloped, can actually be great lots. But the whole topography of the lot can change with things such as grading or retaining walls. When you work with us, we can advise you on how we can utilize various lots and make them suit your vision.

Proper permits

Permits are required for many different steps of the building process. Some contractors will insist they can do the work without getting the permits or that doing it this way will save you money. But this goes against local laws and ordinances, and you may be responsible for some hefty fines if caught. Without the proper permits, it also means that inspections won’t take place to ensure everything is safe and up to code. We take care of all the needed permits so your home is up to code.


We are fully insured and licensed to work in Montrose, Colorado. If you are considering building a custom home, contact us to learn more about our services.

Custom Homes

Advantages of a Custom Home

What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is a home that has been designed by you and an architect or designer. A custom house is a home that has never been built before. You can borrow elements from existing houses or building plans and the plans can still be considered custom. Because you are involved in the design process, you have a say in what the layout of the house is; which includes the number of bedrooms, baths, where the kitchen is located, and more. Your choice in where to place the rooms of your future home matters and you can put them how you would like to. The architect or designer will help with the layout of your home for functionality and structural integrity, but your desired design has a significant influence on the final decision-making process. You will have to meet the requirements of your local building codes and the laws of physics, but besides that, you will have free reign on the design of your house. You also have the ability to choose the appearance of your future house. Choose which fixtures you would like in your house, the flooring in each room, and even the siding you want to use. A custom home is a home you have helped designed and it meets your idea of what the perfect home should be.

What benefits come with a Custom Home?

Many benefits come with a custom home vs. a spec or tract home. It can sometimes be challenging to find a house in your area that will meet your needs. You may find a house in a neighborhood that you enjoy, but it just isn’t big enough for you and your family. You might want a ‘green’ home that is more energy efficient than current houses on the market. With a custom home, you also have a say in the quality of the materials used in the house. The challenges of finding a home that meets your needs can be removed by choosing a custom house like the ones provided by Stott Custom Homes. Below you can see various advantages to having a custom home built.

Custom is the root of Customizable

Man applying plaster

A custom house allows you to have full customization of the home that you are purchasing. When you have a custom house built, you don’t always have to create a brand new floor plan. You can use pre-existing plans and then adjust the floor plan to meet your needs or desires. For a custom house built in Montrose Colorado, this can be useful as you can plan to have heated flooring installed and there might already be a house plan drawn up with this type of flooring that can be used. This kind of flexibility can be necessary for someone with a large family. It may be difficult to find a house that has the number of bedrooms that your family needs in the area you prefer. This is where a custom home shines as you are able to choose the number of bedrooms your house will have while choosing its location as well. Speaking of locations, because you are able to select the area of your custom home, you also have the ability to choose your neighbors. No more putting up with that loud neighbor just because your dream home is located near a college campus.

Less Maintenance

Tools on a table

Maintenance can be costly if it is unexpected. The seasons in Montrose Colorado will test the elements of your home. When it comes to major maintenance issues, a custom house can have a leg up on the competitors. A custom house is a new house meaning it has new systems. You probably won’t have to worry about bug damage because the home is new enough that the sealing is still excellent. The Western Slope of Colorado can see various changes to the weather. The snow can be cumbersome and can cause damage to roofs that are aging. The roof of a custom home will be reliable and will likely not need to be replaced due to leaking. The rainy season will produce enough rain to cause damage to areas of a home that are not sufficient to protect against it. The heating and cooling systems in your house will be fully functional and chosen by you. This is one significant advantage of a custom built home in Montrose because, as mentioned previously, the weather can be unforgiving and you will want all of your heating and cooling systems to work correctly when the seasons change. With this in mind, there won’t be any need to upgrade any of these systems unless one fails prematurely. This means that when you move into your new home, you likely won’t have to address any significant repairs for quite some time.

Built for today

Due to you designing your house in the present time, you will have the ability to use modern materials and techniques to create your home. Building codes from today are different than they were in the past and your new house will be required to meet these codes. This can be beneficial as many building codes are in place to help with public safety and the safety of you and your family. You could use new technologies to help with heated driveways to make them more efficient and less costly than previous techniques. Using new materials and new technologies will also mean that your new home can be very energy efficient. Utilizing new techniques and materials in insulation can result in a cooler or warmer house reducing the need to use heating or cooling systems often. You can select newer windows that can also help with the temperature efficiency of your home. If you are seeking to have solar panels added to your home, you can appropriately design the layout of your home to meet these needs. If you desire to build a smart house to be able to control devices and appliances from your mobile phone, plan for it and ensure that your home is laid out in a way to accomplish this more directly.

With these advantages, it is easy to see why a custom home can be the perfect home for you. Do you have an idea for a new custom home? Contact Stott Custom Homes to start planning your dream home today!

“Let’s Build Your Future Together